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Homosexuality in the Time of James Baldwin

by Evan Williams Every country in Europe that participated in War World II found its male to female ratio out of proportion.  Hysteria ripped through the population as news of the drop in the population of men spread.  The idea … Continue reading

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Ernest Hemingway’s Flourishing Creativity in Paris

by Evan Williams Ernest Hemingway moved to Paris, France, with his wife Hadley Richardson on December 22, 1922, ready to find inspiration for his work. (Griffin 12).  Hemingway moved to Paris because it was the creativity capital of the world, … Continue reading

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Paris in the 1920s: Changes in Society Lead to Changes in Fashion

by Maggie Burch Having begun with the end of World War I and having ended with what would become a worldwide financial crisis, the 1920s were a time of significant social and economic change. As a result of World War … Continue reading

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Parisian Art Movements in the Time of Gertrude Stein

by Jennifer Billings Gertrude Stein was lucky to have lived in Paris during one of the most influential and turbulent periods of art movements. There were four major art movements that Stein was privileged to have witnessed in the making, … Continue reading

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Mary Cassatt’s Parisian Inspiration: Delacroix to Degas

by Brennan Long Mary Cassatt is celebrated as one of the greatest masters of impressionism as well as the modern art movement. Cassatt is the only American artist of her generation to fully embrace the Parisian impressionist movement. Paris nurtured … Continue reading

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Zelda Fitzgerald: Love and Madness

by Caroline Croasdaile Zelda Fitzgerald was a true  flapper, a woman with an extraordinary talent for living. Her vivacity was contagious and was reflected in the innumerable attentions paid to her when she was growing up, and the media’s obsession with her … Continue reading

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F. Scott Fitzgerald: American Expatriate of the Lost Generation

by Sara Krauss Although F. Scott Fitzgerald is most commonly praised for his accurate description of the American Jazz Age, his writing also reflects the immorality and aimlessness of the Lost Generation post World War I. Fitzgerald himself was an … Continue reading

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